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Support Group #3- Soul sisters and Soul Talk

About four years ago, my friend Teda and I went to a meditation at the local Brahma Kumaris (sp?). I don’t remember exactly what happened, but when we left the meditation we decided to start our own group and call it Soul Talk.  I remember the first one, there were four of us discussing Don Miguel Ruiz’s book about Love.  it was the first of many wonderful nights amongst friends (who I can now call my sisters as well).  The group may have had core members but we were always open to whomever wanted to come and share their heart and soul. Topics would range from the Buddha and spirituality to Philosophy with Camus and Chakras.  One person would volunteer to present and host the Soul Talk and we would join in a circle of friends nurtured by tea.  I think that at one point we were as inspired by the tea presentation as we were the topic and conversation.  Over the past four years, we shared our stories, our hope and our dreams.  It was a place we could all go and feel safe to be exactly who we were.  All were welcome.  So when our group was faced with real life challenges, illness and the death of loved ones, it was good to know that that safe circle was there for us.  I have soon realized that my friendships with women had been and will continue to be an important part of my life story.  I think that the idea for Soul Talk and the bond formed with my Soul sisters opened up for me so much.  Once again, there was a place where I could find love and support, no questions asked.  We still have our Soul Talk and whenever one of us wants to share our tea and circle in our homes, we are all called to gather because we know that there is a place where our inner light can shine brighter and we have more guidance and support as our life’s purpose unfolds.

Thank you Teda, Annabelle, Ingrid, Michele, Corin, Bertha, Laurie, Michelle A., and Karyn.

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