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Stop, Connect, and Enjoy the Ride!

“I believe we’re all put on this planet for a purpose, and we all have a different purpose… When you connect with that love and that compassion, that’s when everything unfolds.” Ellen DeGeneres

We are surrounded by so many different beautiful faces and souls.  Each time we meet each other, we get a chance to experience the magic and miracles of our connections.  When love and compassion are introduced into these encounters, the world opens up to us in an amazing way.  The journey will be kinder, the experiences will be more joyous and the gifts we receive will be more meaningful.   We are here with so many others wonderful ones wandering through the hills and valleys of life.  We don’t have to go it alone.  We have each other if we are vulnerable enough to reach out and grab the hand to the left and to the right.  We need each other.  We stand together as  beacons of light in an otherwise dark world. When we connect with love and compassion,  there is an incredible power we share between us that can spread blessings of grace throughout.  We all have a purpose in this world. And, the link that connects us all is the realization that if we come together in love and compassion, what will unfold has the potential to explode a chain reaction that will be remarkable to witness.  So stop, connect with love and compassion and enjoy the ride!

“I saw a turtle in the clouds, it said to take things slow.  For if you do not stop in life, its meaning you will not know.  Be consciously slow and patiently aware with each one and everything.  You will then begin to understand what is truly meant by Spring. Life is not meant to be hurried or to go go go, make an effort to be still in love, To stop and sit and look around and most importantly take things slow.”



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