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Start a revolution. . . of love, joy, and happiness!

It seems people these days are focused on all the negativity out there that includes bickering, embittered posturing, and the like. If you get too wrapped up in it all, you end up infected by the germs of discontent and unrest.  It appears that there is so much resistance to rational thinking and finding a way to compromise for the benefit of the greater good.  Does feeding the ego continue the suffering and prevent relief? So many of you suffer because things happen as a part of life that cause great pain, but to suffer needlessly at the mercy of the few seems quite ridiculous in the grand scheme of things. So perhaps in your own small corner of the world in your own cluster of magical minds, the real revolution can begin where resistance is set aside in favor of embracing all that is good in this world.  Happy moments of love, generous appreciation of the connections in life, moment to moment highlighting the beauty that you see and experience.  It is there, change the focus and place the energy where it needs to be- supporting the revolution of love, joy and happiness rather than misery. Even in the most difficult moments, you can glimpse greatness that is born of integrity and character.  It is there, if you all run towards it, perhaps the world will slowly change to something that we can all be proud of. 

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