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Something wonderful is about to happen!

“Something wonderful is about to happen!”

Matthew Kelly

Post this saying on your bathroom mirror. Read it aloud at the beginning of each and every day.  It just brings you into the miracle of living. These words will move you.  These words will change you. These words will have you looking for the possibility in your world. There is magic and power in words that inspire enthusiasm. There is excitement in words of optimism that you declare in your life. There is beauty and grace in the idea that we are in the process of becoming the best and most wonderful version of ourselves today and every day.  If you believe that each and every day that you wake that the universe has something exciting and special in store for you, then your attitude toward every person, place or thing will change. There is a song I love and it goes “Something is happening here. . .”  When you invite something wonderful to the something that is happening, then open your eyes in wonder and engage in what is in store for you today. Have a beautiful day and believe that something wonderful is about to happen!

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