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Something greater awaits you-Trust that!

“You are a process.  The universe is a process.  Everything around you is a process. Be in touch with that process and trust it.  Trust the unfolding of your life and see what you have to learn from that.” Ann Wilson Schaff, PH.D.

Trust. A concept that can be very difficult when people have failed to meet our expectations in life or events have not turned out as we wanted.  On the surface, we may be wanting or desiring something that we believe has always been ours.  And, when we do not get the promotion that we have worked for, we have not received an award that we think we duly deserve, we are passed over for an opportunity that seems so perfect, we feel a long held dream slipping from our grasp or we suffer because an important relationship is changing,  we can experience a profound disappointment that makes it difficult to trust in the future for fear of more of the same.  Trying to protect ourselves from pain, we may look to control the outcomes of future events.  But control is such an illusory concept.  Life is a process that unfolds before us. It is what we bring to that process that makes the experience and that is why trust is so important.  While trust itself is defined as an assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something, it can be an incredibly dualistic concept.  On the one hand, to trust in life can be seen as a challenge when we struggle to surrender control.  And, on the other, to trust in life can be felt as a breath of fresh air as we ultimately release into a freedom that brings great peace.  When we become aware that we are a part of something greater than ourselves, then we can surrender that the perceived disappointments have a purpose in the grand scheme of things.  If we become aware and trust that the unfolding of our life events are happening for a reason that will contribute to the lesson that is our life, then we can stop fighting and truly begin to enjoy the ride.  We then don’t miss out on all that is good because our focus shifts. Remember, there is always the possibility that greater magic and miracles are awaiting us right around the corner.  Really the magic is still there just waiting to be discovered and help us grow to greater heights.  So just trust and then you hold the key to

set your spirit free!

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