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Some words of wisdom!

1. Accept: Recognize what you can change and what you can’t. In every moment, accept that everything is as it should be.

2. Act: when it’s time, get moving. After you have reflected and meditated, waited, prayed and reaffirmed, act. Act on your instincts. Act without delay. Act already!

3. Admire: Admire other women and let them know exactly how you feel. Tell her I admire you. Write a note that says so. While you’re at it, remember to drop yourself a postcard too.

4. Adorn: Show the world the glorious goddess that lives within you. Make every day a celebration by dressing the part. Let your body be a canvas for colorful creations. Wear flowers in your hair, ribbons at your throat, silk at your waist and bells on your toes.

5. Allow: allow yourself to ask for what you need. Allow yourself to need help, to need love, to need other people. Give yourself permission to say this is what I need, to say it without shame, without guilt. Then allow yourself to receive.

6. Appreciate: Appreciate your friends. Appreciate the time that they listened when you needed to be heard. Needed to cry. May sure you let them know how grateful you are.

7. Ask: Wishing does not make it so. Ask, and you at least have a chance. Ask anybody ask everybody, ask God. Ask yourself why it’s so hard to ask. And even harder to receive.

8. Attract: Like a high-powered magnet, attract to yourself everything you desire. Attract the right job by being impeccable clear about what you want-and why. Attract the money you need, by affirming your worthiness and your willingness to receive.

9. Awaken: Wake up! Refuse to sleepwalk through your life any longer. Open your eyes and dare to see the world in a new and different way. Wake up! Wake up your passion for life and awaken it in those around you.

10. Balance: When you find yourself teetering too far in one direction, bring some balance back into your life. Balance your work time with playtime. If you have been giving too much, let everyone know that you are ready to receive. Balance your diet. Too much of a good thing- no matter how good- can never be good.

11. BE: Remember that life is in the being, not the doing. BE every bit of everything that you are. Be a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Be happy when you feel like it and sad when you are down. And just when they think that they know exactly who you are, be prepared to be something altogether different.

12. Begin: Start something. Put one foot in front of the other and inch forward ever so slightly. Show up, say hello and start a conversation. Begin a revolution. With one sentence begin your novel. Begin putting yourself first. Begin at the beginning and don’t even think about where it will take you. Now begin.

13. Believe: Believe in the power of believing. Say I believe and believe it. Believe in fairytales for what they can teach you about real life. Believe in happy endings and believe that they don’t always happen. When something seems truly unbelievable, it may be worth believing.

14. Belong: Find something you can belong to. A pack of wolves just like you. A circle of women. A professional networking group. Find a group you can call your own. Or create one. Know that you can turn to these people when you need a favor. Every women belongs somewhere with some other women. Once you begin in earnest, it won’t be long until you belong.

15. Bliss: Bliss out. Bliss out in joy. Bliss out on love. When you think that you have reached the ceiling of bliss, ride the bliss train right on through. Bliss out on nature. Call up the Bliss Goddess, and when she walks in, bliss on out.

16. Blossom: When it’s time, when you can’t wait another moment, unfold your petals and display your grandeur. Open up to the world with a glow and an attitude that says- Yes now I am really here! Throw yourself a party. Because now your time has come and the world had better make room for you like never before.

17. Break: Make a clean break. Break the news gently. Break free of limitations and stop believing that they can ever break you. Remember that a breakthrough often feels like a breakdown- and that when your heart fully opens, it may feel like it first has to break!

(excerpted from Words of Wisdom for Women by Rachel Snyder)

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