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Simply a reflection from within!

“Everyone and everything that shows up in our life is a reflection of something that is happening inside of us.” Alan Cohen  If you could imagine the life you want, wouldn’t you imagine wonderful things?  If you spent your time focusing your intention toward realizing your deepest desires and dreams, would you begin to believe they were possible?  If you gave your attention to those things in your mind that spoke of your great beauty and talent, would you start to believe and have confidence in yourself again?  If life all around you is simply a reflection of those thoughts you most focus on, wouldn’t you be more careful of what you repeated over and over again to yourself?  Start today to believe that you can impact your external world by placing your focus on images of love, kindness, and joy and you will truly be surprised by what you attract to yourself. Start today to live in consciousness as to what is happening within you, you will then have the grand opportunity to create what is happening around you in a more remarkable and enjoyable way.  Simply take the time each day to focus on those positive attributes and intentions that give you great happiness, and rest assured that people and things will start to show up in your life that will greatly add to your happiness.  Let it be said that a person who feels good on the inside will experience that good on the outside.  A person who looks at life with a glass half full mentality, will eventually have their cup runneth over.  Your world is but a mirror of what is happening inside of you. So before you start your day, promise yourself that you will take a moment or two to reflect on what you are grateful for to charge those positive emotions, then set out to experience your own something wonderful  when you start from that joyous place within. If your world is simply a reflection from within, wouldn’t it be in you best interest to make it the best reflection of a well lived life that you could ever imagine!   

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