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Sharing the Love!

“Have you had a kindness shown? Pass it on; ‘Twas not given for thee alone, Pass it on; Let it travel down the years, Let it wipe another’s tears, ‘Til in Heaven the deed appears – Pass it on. ”

Henry Burton (1840-1930)

I just love the idea that our actions can have a domino effect on the world.  I just love the notion that if I show kindness to another in one part of the world, that kindness can spread like wildfire around the globe.  In a time where the events of the world can bring a lot of sadness and anxiety to the masses, we need a revolution where more people counteract the negative energy and open their hearts by paying the love forward.  It is our duty, for love is meant to be shared.  Like the wave at a sports event, it starts out slowly at first and then the excitement catches on and the whole stadium is a part of the enthusiasm enveloped with joy and laughter.  This can happen on a global scale.  We can be a part of this beginning wave of love and kindness.  If we have been blessed in life, then go share your blessings with another.  If you have been touched by compassion in life, go be compassionate to another.  If you have been saved from loneliness, then open your heart to save another.  We can be a part of sharing this contagious energy of love.  We can be a part of moving all of us forward to a better understanding of a more humane and loving race.  Look around you once again, stop focusing on the low energy’s doom and gloom. That is that certain people try to control us all with fear and anxiety. Be the change- be extraordinary.  Ask yourself how it is that you can make a difference by sharing your love and talents, for it all is not yours alone. Your love and gifts are meant to be shared so that the embrace you have felt from another can have an effect on millions.

The kindness can be expressed in many ways, from protecting the environment to embracing another with a smile, from using uplifting words to welcoming someone into your life who is lonely.  We are all a part of something greater, make your contribution something that you can be proud of.  We must start somewhere, so start today and share the wealth of your own blessings whatever that means to you.  The more and more people who do can have a great effect on everything.  We can have Heaven on Earth as peace comes to us all.  Love never felt so good once it is shared.  So pass it on!

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