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Share the joy!

Mother Theresa

Looking in to the eyes of a young child at play, return to a time where worry was a foreign concept, where love surrounded you, and where your imagination took you on many flights of fancy.  Life was an adventure.  Life was mysterious. And better yet, life was moment by moment.  It was in those moments where you connected with friends, you were secure in the love of your parents and you created a world that was a joyful place.  There is no reason that you cannot still experience the joy of a child as an adult.  Even when times are challenging and you are faced with unbearable experiences, if you take a step back from that reality you are able to transport to a place of gratitude for those things that bring you unfettered joy.  For the joy comes moment by moment. And in this moment, grab onto a memory of a time where joy permeated every membrane of your body.  Let this focus on the joy be the gentle push that allows you to release the stress and embrace a joyful life in the most simplistic way. No one can take joy from you if you make the conscious decision to hold on to your moments. And in each moment, create a net of love to catch more souls.  Joy reawakened encourages you to make this world a better place for you and others.   In each moment if you share the joy, you shall find bliss.

Magical Key to Bliss: Embody joy and be a net that catches many souls!

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