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Shall we dance?

Meg’s mantra: Shall we dance! “The greatest human activity occurs in regard to your relationships with not only loved ones but also the very cosmos and, ultimately, God.” Dr. Michael Anthony Nocero, Jr.

How I live my life will be my greatest legacy! I prefer to live it surrounded by beautiful people. I may take the lead today, I shall follow you tomorrow. There is no greater perfection than the dance of life- one step forward, and spinning in delight guided by magical music as we move towards following a glorious rainbow over which our dreams really do come true. I dream because it frees my spirit to believe in possibility. I engage because it frees my heart to love. I dance because it frees my body to follow my soul. Shall we dance my friends- I invite you to join me on this incredible journey. I am made a better person because you are with me for however long. I will make a promise to appreciate the opportunity to know you better and bask in your sparkle and shine. This shall be my greatest blessing and gift as I choose to live a legacy connected to others. Shall we dance? but of course my magical ones! When I say yes, I am forever changed for the good!!! To my angels on this Friday!!! Let the words of of our stories inspire so many more than we will ever know- the minute we say YES to life!!!

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