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Set the tone for your life, and connect!

A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.

~John Lennon, English Singer and Songwriter

Before you set your feet on the ground in the morning, make the decision to embrace life for all that it has to offer, and stand in gratitude for the chance to do so. Starting from a place of appreciation, you know that this attitude will only lead to greater possibilities for amazing things to enter your life. When you bring that kind of life-changing energy to the fore, stand back and welcome the wonderful. And if you want to see even more impressive results, take a moment and write down your dreams as they come to mind. You can dream as big or small as you’d like. When you give yourself permission to do so, your world changes as you get into that heart space and imagine that for just one moment, you step into a greater reality. Then, you must share those dreams with others so that they can catch the wind they need to take off. Your inner muse speaks to you in the stillness. Pay attention to its whispers, and create a space for something more inspirational to occur before your eyes. The next time you wake in the morning, open your eyes and recognize there are no limits as to what kind of connections will help you throughout the day. When you dream during the waking hours with others, a better reality for all of us is right around the corner.

Magical Key to Bliss: Set the tone to dream with others.


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