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September: Sweet Inspiration!

September is the time of year when the temperature begins to drop, and the leaves on the trees in cooler climates change colors. There is a natural beauty as a new season is introduced, and Mother Nature shows off her incredible masterpiece. Sweet inspiration surrounds us as the air is a bit crisper, and we take deeper and fuller breaths, meditating on the divine influence all around.

The first weekend in September, we take time to rest and celebrate Labor Day. While we recognize the things we do to maintain our lives and provide for our families, to uncover our bliss, we must make an effort to find inspiration through work this month. All too often, our work is a task we approach with dread. All too often, work is the source of our misery rather than a well of inspiration. So your assignment for September is to find work that inspires you—whether volunteer work for your local community organization, a part-time job doing something you love, or even a full-time job pursuing the vocation of your dreams. In September, take advantage of all the creative influences in nature and otherwise, and get inspired to make a life that matches your internal passion. You should strive for your work to inspire you as well as get inspired by your work! Make an action plan for what you need to accomplish to make a career move a reality. If you put your nose to the grindstone, you can make your work go from a burden to a joy. After all, when you enjoy your work, it is no longer…work! Get some sweet inspiration and let’s go!

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