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Romance and its magical dance!

To believe in romance, what a gift.  To experience it, how magical.  To open up to the feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love for all things, you can on your own convert what appears to be a feeling of ordinary into something extraordinary.  To surrender to this amazing dance, you are able to reach a new plane of joy as you journey through your day.  Awash with romance, time with a friend becomes a profound connection of souls.  Listening to music becomes an instant boost to your positive energetic vibration.  A walk outside becomes a loving conversation with the world.  Opening yourself up to romance in any form, allows the seemingly unimportant to take on new meaning as you welcome the beauty of each moment.  Romance can mean so much more than receiving flowers or an invitation to a special dinner by that special person.  Romance can be born from appreciating the mystery that the world has to offer you daily. Touched by its glamorous effect, it is like receiving a giant bouquet of love for all things and an invitation to an amazing feast presented before you by the universe.  Open yourself to this excitement and experience the beautiful dance of a life magically transformed right before your eyes.  Are you ready to be romanced by your day today?  Keep your eyes open so you can see the dust change into a golden haze.

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