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Reverence for sacrifice!

There are those individuals who sacrifice so willingly for others out of love, loyalty or call to duty.  When those who sacrifice lose their lives in pursuit of those great virtues, there must be a time to pay our respect and stand in gratitude for their selflessness and honor.  For those individuals know the significance and power of service to another.  For those individuals have earned a place of high esteem in the hearts of others who are aware and even unaware. For those individuals must be memorialized in some way because their lost lives have left us with a legacy that has changed forever how we experience life and the world. To truly appreciate the impact of their sacrifice, reverence demands for us to take moments of silence so that we may truly understand the gift that is left behind by our fallen heroes.  These are the moments in time that allows us to transcend and continue to flourish.  These are the moments in time where we too ask with grateful humility “How too can I serve?”  Because of individuals who have sacrificed for all of us, may we all look within and ask how we too can do our part for the greater good by making a difference in some small way.  And in turn by our actions, we can live in reverence and never forget their sacrifice!  God bless those who have served!

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