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Remember what is important to you!

“Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least.” Stephen Covey

In these times of uncertainty, the challenge is not to get stuck in the fear and worry of the moment.   For when fear and worry are present in our lives, the best thing that we can try to do is shift our focus from what scares us towards what is most important to us.  Whether your health is most important and/or  your family, your friends, your dreams.  These are the things that we need to hold onto in times of strife and concern.  Things happen around us all the time. Life is not perfect and $@%! Happens.  It is how we react to what is going on that will determine what kind of outcome we will experience.  And when we keep in mind and focus on the things that matter most,  we have a better chance not getting lost or being at the mercy of things that matter least. People have egos, people grandstand, people do things without thinking about the full impact of their actions on others. To a certain extent, we are powerless as to the choices of others. But remember this- we still have power over how we choose to move forward regardless of another person’s poor choice. Our choices do not have to be at the mercy of others.   So take a moment today and focus on what matters most and continue accordingly. The universe will support all of us if we are clear with ourselves and not get caught up in the drama of people of lower vibrations.  Just because others choose not to act as leaders does not mean that we all can’t be examples of leadership through how we act in our own lives. Remember it is the journey not the destination. The journey is all of ours to experience how we see fit! 

To my friends in the federal government today, my prayers go out for all of us that this resolves quickly.  We are all connected so hang in there!

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