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Rediscovering the artist within- Week 2, Day 10 of the Artist’s Way


I had the time today so I read the introductory chapters of the Artist’s Way to make sure that I understand clearly the basic principles and tools. For those of you who have experienced this before, you will be very familiar with the morning pages ( three pages of stream of consciousness written first thing in the morning to clear your mind for creative flow throughout the day) and also the artist date ( a 2 hour appointment with your creative self 1 x per week that allows you to explore your interests on your own, you cannot bring anyone with you on your date- just you and you!).  I have already mentioned both the morning pages and the artist date- now some of you have a better idea as to what I was talking about. These tools along with the weekly exercises are supposed to open you up to the topic each week. Week one is entitled Recovering a Sense of Safety. It is the intro chapter to the course that sets out the Shadow Artists, Core Negative Beliefs, Affirmative Weapons and Creative Affirmations.  It is supposed to set up the path for a safe exploration of your creative self.  The chapter on Shadow Artists was particularly poignant for me.  Perhaps you may recall a time where your parents or guardians did not encourage the development of your artistic self, rather belittled your high aspirations for yourself in your journey into the left brain. So basically because you fail to grow with a sense of self confidence for your own talents, you become a shadow artist. Or in other words, an afficionado or fan of other artists, just not allowing yourself the same creative freedom or expression because that is not realistic.  So you got the artistic and creativity verbal beat out of you to chase another path.  Because as she puts it “Art does not pay the bills.”  Or as Julia Cameron put it, “For all shadow artists, life may be a discontented experience, filled with a sense of missed purpose and unfulfilled promise.  They want to write.  They want to paint.  They want to act, make music, dance. . . but they are afraid to take themselves seriously.”  OMG, that is soooo me! And it is sooo time to nurture my artist child.  I am so ready for this. I am ready to believe in my talents and see where that takes me.  It is time to learn to allow myself to play. Even that in and of itself seems so exciting to me. Permission to PLAY! WOW!  And as I start to do so,I take on a dual role of the artist child and the protector adult.  And as I start the process, I am encouraged to be gentle with myself.  To start slowly and have patience as the art that comes from my soul is discovered.  I thought about this today as I reviewed this chapter, and ultimately decided what do I have to lose, nothing.  What do I have to gain, everything.  A sense of aliveness is enough.  So to further the rediscovering of the artist within, I started to visualize myself as a grand master, a talented writer, a published author and asked myself what that looks like and how do I feel once I truly believe that this can be my reality, that it is my reality. And, it felt GOOD! It felt GOOD! so today was a good day, I found a photo that I want to use as the cover to my book called The Sunrise of My Soul’s Bliss and away I go, with patience, gentleness and love. Recognizing myself for the first time as the actual artist, not wanting to ride the coattails of others and continue in the role as a mere shadow. Really taking charge and manifesting my dreams one day at a time.  Made out a check payable to me from the universe – paid in full- for unlimited abundance in all that I do.  That includes creativity and why not me?  So let’s see what tomorrow has for me asking the question what do I want to create today?  Picking up my magical wand and doing just that!

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