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Question what you don’t understand- your curiosity will enlighten you!

Question what you don’t understand- your curiosity will enlighten you! “Following the path of the heart requires surrender.  Surrender doesn’t mean giving up, but yielding to something much greater.  It’s an exquisite experience if we can find the courage to do it.” Barbara DeAngelis

Thank God for curiosity. It keeps us from getting bored, it pushes us past our fears, and it open doors to tremendous potential and possibility.  As long as we stay curious, we will seek out opportunities that will take us on a hero’s journey to discover new people, different cultures, beautiful places, and wonderful new concepts.  Curiosity keeps our minds sharp as our interest in the new and intriguing peaks. While as a child our curiosity ran wild ready to explore everything new all around us, we were protected from harming ourselves by our loved ones so that nothing dangerous or life threatening would happen.  If you were actually to put the fork into the electrical outlet at the age of 2, you might not be here to tell about it. However, as adults it is a difference experience.  We are no longer maneuvering around physical obstacles, we are more challenged with the intellectual.  Curiosity leads to enlightenment.  When you question what you don’t understand, you grow.  As the most curious imagination of Walt Disney points out, “We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”  And when we follow the path of the heart, we are free to experience the world and embrace our curious nature and in the process we ward off complacency and routine.  By surrendering to this curiosity, we yield to something much greater, more creative and more stimulating for our imaginations.  This is good for us, it is good for the ones we love and good for the world.  While some of us are stuck in a rut  and afraid to question the changes that our curious nature may require, we can remember again when we were children and become rejuvenated with that great freedom that our desire for knowledge yields.  And when we reconnect with the child within, we grab on to the innate courage that may be forgotten that reignites the call to adventure that awaits all of us

.  So thank God for curiosity for it really does guide us to follow the path of the heart to something greater when we switch on the light within  and become seekers of our truth once again.

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