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Preach the sweet life—la dolce vita—and practice it, too!

Why do you not practice what you preach?

~Saint Jerome, Roman Catholic saint

Live life with integrity; you never want to be accused of preaching to others about the good life if you are not actually practicing it. It is disappointing to be surrounded by those whose words of love, respect, service, and joy do not match their actions. It is even more disappointing to be one of those people. If you want to live la dolce vita, then start exhibiting the qualities that mirror that message. If the message you want to preach to the world is to engage in more laughter, do your part to bring humor to your life. If the message you want to preach to the world is to bring more joy, start serving your fellow men and women with love in whatever way you can. And if the message you want to preach to the world is to live la dolce vita, start living a life in which you stand in gratitude for all of your talents and blessings, and be sure to share them with others. Remember, integrity is the willingness to actually live your life by your own beliefs and standards. So if you preach the sweet life, and this is a belief you hold dear, be sure to live it as best you can—never regretting a moment. And as you do, be sure to know that your actions speak louder than words, and other people are always watching.

Magical Key to Bliss: Prepare to practice all the good that you preach, and carry on!


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