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Preach the sweet life- “la dolce vita”-and practice it!

To live life with integrity, you never want to be accused of preaching to others about the good life filled with love and not actually practicing what you preach.  It is disappointing to be surrounded by others whose words of love, respect, service and joy do not match their actions.  It is even more disappointing to be one of those people who preach these amazing virtues on the one hand, yet live a life that fails to live up to that promise.  If you want to live “la dolce vita”, then act and start exhibiting the qualities in your everyday experiences that mirror that message. If the good life is what you are seeking, look around to find examples of those whose are practicing the qualities that you most admire and imitate them. History shows many examples of people who we consider to be saints as flawed human beings who looked to grace to find their own light within that allowed them to make the changes necessary to change their little corner in this world.  It was their actions that have left the greatest impression and have impacted all of us the most.  As human beings, we all make mistakes and we also can acknowledge this and move forward to our own transforming acts that free us.  While It is important to inspire others through your words, it is in your vulnerability and your good actions that leave a lasting impression and an example for others to follow.  If the message you want to preach to  the world is to bring more laughter, do your part and bring humor to your life.  If the message you want to preach to the world is to bring more joy, start serving with love your fellow men and women in whatever way you can. And if the message you want to preach to the world is to live “la dolce vita”, start living a life where you stand in gratitude for all of your talents and blessings and be sure to share them with others.  Remember integrity is the willingness to actually live your life by your own beliefs and standards. So if you preach the sweet life and this is a belief that you hold as the message that you want, be sure to receive that message and live it to its greatest potential never to regret a moment. And as you do, be sure to know that with your actions, other people are always watching and waiting to imitate you. So prepare to practice all the good that you preach and carry on inspired warriors!

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