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Practice joy today!

“The world is given to you as a beautiful garden. You diminish the garden if you do not enjoy its fruits.”

Brian Weiss, MD

Joy: a simple word with a powerful vibration behind it. We do not need anyone’s permission to experience this joyful vibration. We just need to be aware and open our eyes to the beautiful joyful garden that we have inherited, take care of it and enjoy its fruits. Joy is all about appreciation and gratitude for daily life.  Joy is about taking it all in and learning to be joyful about the simple pleasures that are right in front of us.  It is time to begin to practice JOY.  Step outside and breath in the air and feel happy as it fills our lungs. Practice Joy! Seek out those people who are the happiest and imitate their approach life.  Practice JOY.   There we will find fulfillment in our gifts, rather than diminish ourselves by focusing on our shortcomings.  Practice JOY.  Don’t put off until tomorrow the joy that we can experience today. Practice JOY.  The world is given to us to protect and by emitting vibrations of happiness and glee, we nourish our garden so we can enjoy the fruits without harming anyone. Embrace our right to delight in this beautiful garden of life on a daily basis.  Realize that today is as good as any other to write a story armed with the rose colored glasses that enhance life’s journey.  So practice JOY, and surrender to bliss as we enjoy the fruits of life that are laid out before us.  That I can guarantee is something that we will never regret!

Magical Key to Bliss: Practice JOY and your life will bear the fruits from this joyful habit.


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