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Plant the seeds of love in your consciousness today!

Plant the seeds of love in your consciousness today!

Perhaps today is a day that you focus your energy on the love that resides in your heart.  As Spring begins and for most the end of Winter is near, we begin to look forward to or feel the renewed warmth that the sunshine brings.  After a season of rest, the flowers will begin to bloom again as the sun beams down and re-energizes the soil that will provide the nutrients necessary for growth.  Perhaps today is a good day to focus on how you want to share the love that resides in your heart.  When we get into a conscious state of loving others and being loved by others, we begin to plant the seeds to manifest a more beautiful world for ourselves and also for others.  It is like the passage from one season to another, where the cold gives way to a warmth and richness.  It is a time of renewed hope and renewed life when the flowers arrive in all their glory.  It is nature’s gift to us after the seeds have been planted and we patiently wait.   When we become conscious of our actions to be more loving, we are planting the seeds of change.  Things around us will change because we, at our core, change.  We know this intuitively that without love in our lives, our hearts and our lives become dreary like an unending winter or like a sunless garden.  When we allow the energy of love to emanate from within, then our lives are nourished once again and bloom with the vibrant beauty of renewal.   A baby cannot thrive without being cared for with love.  An adult cannot thrive without being cared for with love. There is no difference between the two.  Both require being loved for their survival.  Both require being loved to blossom into their highest self.  Through the eyes of love, we recognize our greatest potential.  Through the eyes of love, we encourage others to reach their greatest potential.  And, this encouragement with love will manifest the potential for individuals to bring forth a renewed spirit filled with a consciousness to enrich and revitalize a world that desperately needs it.  Perhaps today is that kind of day where your focus on love and plant the seeds that can make all the difference in the world when that change in season arrives in all its glory. Just something to think about today! Consciously give love!

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