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Peace in Gratitude!

Peace in Gratitude!

“Life has to be more simple.  We have so many gifts.  If you want peace, open your eyes to what you have around you and say thank you.”

Beverly Donofrio

Time to talk about having an attitude of gratitude. Life can get hectic because we layer on expectation over expectation.  Life can get very stressful because we are fed on a daily basis the suggestion that we need to work harder to acquire more and more.  Life can sometimes be unfulfilling because we are seeking outside of ourselves, and fail to see our beauty within.

Stop yourself this very moment and simplify.  Realize that everything you need in life you already have within you.  Realize all your needs can already be met if you clear away the “stuff” and open your eyes and look around you at all that surrounds you, within and without.  Cherish your friends, family, and experiences.  Herein lies the gifts of life.  Be grateful for having loved ones to celebrate with. to work with, to love with.  Even more, be grateful to have loved ones to disagree with.  Close your eyes, ask for the peace that can only come from within.  Open your eyes and see with renewed vision all the beauty that surrounds you. Pause in that moment, and say a resounding Thank you! Build on that attitude of gratitude for what you have and peace will be yours! Thank you my friends for you and the experiences we share.

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