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Open your eyes, believe and experience the magic of life!

Open your eyes, believe and experience the magic of life!

“And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.”

Have you ever wondered why it is that as children we give ourselves permission to let our imaginations run wild, however as adults we allow ourselves to be convinced that someone else’s reality must be our truth? And with our choice to take on that forced vision of reality, have we replaced the habit of seeing our lives as extraordinary as we dreamt without limits, for a habit where we are tied to a common vision that no longer sets each of us apart?  Why is it that as children it is alright to picture ourselves in an amazing world surrounded by the mystical and the magical, where as adults we so easily exchange that picture for one that has no spark at all.  We once drew up images of fantasy that took us on magic carpet rides around the world, unlimited in possibility.  We once got lost in connections with the spirit where time nor space was allowed to limit the potential that unfolds before us.  Our eyes used to glitter as we looked past the boundaries that constrict a more beleaguered mind, and actually see and embrace a world that lies behind the veil.  As we learn and are subject to others who have lost the spark, we are tempted to buy into what others see and give up the chance to believe in the possibilities that exist, yet to be uncovered.  If you feel that you are becoming jaded and your mind has taken over to the point that you no longer rely on your other magical senses, stop yourself right there for you are allowing a great disservice to yourself and the world.  Protect that part of you that still believes.  Protect that part of you that still thinks outside of the box. Protect that part of you that keeps your mind open because the truth is whatever you embrace.  If you no longer believe in the magic of this life, it is almost guaranteed you will never find it.  But the converse is also true, if you do believe, open your beautiful eyes and look around, you are guaranteed to see that it is there. When you do, your own heart will grow wings as you allow the wonder to reenter and dreams to begin anew.  As a little baby is born into this world seeing everything for the first time, you too can be given this gift with a shift in perspective.  For the greatest secrets are hidden in the most unlikely places, the greatest minds of our times knew this.  Our children know this.  This is a reminder, now so do you!

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