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One more excerpt- The Sunrise of My soul’s Bliss-A Living Legacy!

This is why I do what I do!! My book is my story in relation to the people that I love the most.  My inspirational posts are what kept and still keep me going! I have compiled them all in the end of my good for all to enjoy in a spirit of love, hope, joy and most of all as a reminder to have FUN in this life- if you have a choice you might as well enjoy it- and remember to laugh!!

A Living Legacy

      In my life, I continue to learn each and every day inspired by so many different people.  My mother was one of my greatest and most cherished teachers. When she passed away in April of 2011 after a courageous battle with breast cancer, I lost my mentor and guide.  She was a source of unconditional love for me and when she died I yearned for that connection that was physically lost.   The grief was unbearable.   It was not until a good friend encouraged me to find time each day to connect with my mom that I began my journey towards healing from this incredible loss.  These thoughts of the day or inspirations are my connections each day with my mom.  I am sharing them with others in hopes that they may help you all along the way.  It is a soul talk that I would like to have with you all. Please feel free to add your own inspirations for this world when the spirits moves you for it truly is in our connections that we all can heal each other.

      I have written these inspirations to continue the conversation with my mother.  I dedicate these inspirations to my mother honoring her life and her work.  Having been inspired throughout my life by the quotations of others, I used these brilliant words as a starting point.  My intention is that you may find what you need.  May they guide you on your path to discover your inner beauty.  May they bring you inspiration to serve others.  May they refocus your life to one based upon gratitude for your blessings.  May they assist you in shifting your perspective from one of a victim to that of victor.  May they provide inspiration for you to act on your dreams.  May they open your mind to the magic and miracles of life.   May the connections I rediscover with my mother, soul to soul, launch a new journey on your own magic carpet ride with the many people that you meet.  Words only have meaning if they inspire action.  So my wish is that my words inspire you all to find your own purpose and fulfill your own dreams.  This is my wish for myself and it is what my mother would have wanted for me.

      Since she passed, my mother has come to me in various forms.  The day after she passed I had a very vivid dream.  My mother and I were sitting at the kitchen table, the place where we spent hours talking.  She looked so young, as if she were about 30 years old.  She was wearing one of her light blue nightgowns and robe.  She looked at me and stated matter of factly, “Well I guess the chemo didn’t work.” Feeling incredibly lost without her, I then asked, “What do we do now?”  She said, “I guess we just have to move forward.”  So I guess that is just what I have to do, move forward.

By sharing these inspirations, I am sharing what she taught me.  By sharing these thoughts of the day, I get to share with others the living legacy that she left for me, for her family and for her friends.  And, each day I do my best to continue to make her proud of my own personal growth and accomplishments where I choose to live a life having experiences that are both magical and miraculous.  As I feel her smiling down on me when the sun shines on my face, I know that she would not want it any other way as I recall when asking her what do we do now, she stated “ I guess we move forward”, forward in life.   And, as I continue with my thoughts of the day, I get to keep our conversations alive for anyone who wants to hear them.  And as I move forward, I continue to share a message of love. For in reality, that is what we are here for, to love each other as we share our own beauty within.  I am still on my hero’s journey, excited and scared not knowing what each day will bring and what lessons I will face.  But, I know now that each lesson I experience is designed to teach me something new about myself.  And, this time it helped me to return to live life, laugh often and love much.

I wrote a letter to my mom to help get her through towards the end of her days.  As all our messages come from within, perhaps this is more for me and than anyone else, so I changed the name in parentheses to address it to myself, from my mother:


I have no idea how I can help you get better.  I am so desperate that you do! (Meg) FIGHT; fight harder than you have ever fought for everything in your life! YOU can beat this – You are meant to live longer and as a healthy person.  We need you- Ava and Michael need you!  Believe that know that!  Empower yourself- be a part of your healing – the medicine can do a lot – you need to help it heal you!  I pray everyday for your healing- EVERYDAY!  You wanted a (daughter) – you got one that acts just like you- Please be around so you can know her and she can know you well- Please guide lighted healing to your body.  This book tells me that the more you believe you will be healed the more likely you will be!  I truly believe that you will be better than ever- I know it-please know it yourself- you are healed!!!!  I am desperate to help you.  Just say the word- I will do anything for you.  I just won’t give up on you- I love you so much.  We all do. It is time to learn the lesson of this illness – heal and move onto a more fulfilling joyous life here on here- that is filled with laughter. I love you so much! Never doubt you will be better With God anything is possible for (Meg).

I love you-


      So the message that I leave with you is as follows, you are special, you are important for this world, and you must meet every challenge you face as an opportunity to learn more about yourself.   Life is there to be lived and we are blessed with that opportunity to do so.  Don’t miss out. No regrets. You are loved and you matter.  You can make a difference in your life and you can make a difference in this world.  As my beautiful daughter sang to me as I sat crying in a beautiful hotel room on vacation, “Don’t give up, never never give up.”  Because the reality is there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  And it only takes one candle to shine in the darkness. It only takes one spark of your spirit to bring light back to your world. And, the good news is that you don’t have to do it alone.  Reach out to others around you and connect with their healing love and you will find hope and you will find strength again.  You will come back stronger than you started. Then I urge you to reach out to others in service using your beautiful talents.  This is the way we will heal this world and this is what we are here for- and then you will bear witness to your own sunrise of your soul’s bliss and how beautiful and glorious that will be.  I am one member of the Nocero tribe, but a proud member of the world community who is here to give and receive love! So, as a fellow member of the greater and united tribe, give love my friends! And by doing so we can all honor the memory of those who have given their lives making a difference.  Give love!

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