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On the road to rediscovering my bliss with the Artist’s Way!

Today was day one of my spiritual  journey to rediscover my bliss with the assistance of the 12 week commitment to the program as spelled out by the author of The Artist’s Way.  I bought the book and workbook nearly 2 years ago now, but as I am a true believer in the universe unfolding as it should, things did not fall into place to start the journey until now.  One day into the morning pages, I already feel like after I literally vomited the negativity that I felt this morning on to the three required pages, a weight lifted from my soul.  I spent the afternoon watching the author Julia Cameron explain on a vimeo video why she wrote this book and why she has taught the course for the last 25 years.  She said that she knows that there is a creative spirit in each of us that is just waiting to get out, to be renewed and to burst onto the scene of life.  In her experience, the twelve week commitment that one makes to this journey will free that creativity and allow it to come to life, not only bettering your own life but the lives of all you come into contact with.  Now if that isn’t a great sales pitch, I don’t know what is!!!!  You discover your creative self, and joy, bliss and all the uplifting and positive adjectives start happening for you. And in return, you start to have the same kind of impact on the people that you come into contact with, making a huge difference on your world and your surroundings.  Why did I ever wait to start this until now?  Well why ask why, just be grateful that I am and watch me grow into the realization of the person that I am- watch my spirit burst like a ray of light for all to see just because I tapped into my creativity. Sounds like a huge request, but I believe in magic and miracles- so give me a wand, a nice cape, and a magical hat and away I go! Anyway, for what it is worth, if I cannot believe in a life filled with magic and miracles, that is not a life that I want to live.  So with that in mind as I choose to step into my bliss by unearthing once again that amazing creative spirit within, I know for certain that the universe will open doors where there were once walls.  That is just the way of the Divine and that is just the way that it is in my world.  What’s left for me to do at this point is to extend the invitation to all of you and welcome you to come along to discover your bliss as well through all the beautiful things that you are bound to create! Let’s ignite the creative passion in this world together starting with ourselves and affecting one person at a time. And away we go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Join me????

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