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Ode to telling your story!

“I have a past, I just don’t live there anymore.”

When you tell your story, you get a chance to rewrite your script from an entirely new perspective. You get to write your story into something incredibly interesting if you dare!  You see I am mostly bored by the story that I have been telling myself for years.  It’s not an uplifting one or even inspirational- but the one that I am recreating now has me jumping out of bed with excitement. Makes me see my past as a launching point rather than as the final say.  It gets me interested in where I take this baby- and boy do I have places to go!  Even to the point that when the old tapes threaten to play on, I am stopped because I hear the sounds of beautiful music ahead of me with nothing behind it!

Yeah so my struggles may seem small- yeah I didn’t kill anyone for my aha- thank God. But still my soul has been slaughtered by words as a child and my gaping wounds are still healing. Each step forward is like ointment that when placed on my soul soothes the pain and there remains only a remnant barely visible scar. It makes me stronger as I salute those who tried to take me down by their own insecurities- a vibrant middle finger salute- my soul screaming to be heard just the way I was meant to be herd- a rawness catapulted by an anger that threatened to cover me up behind a wall where I used to hide- that was my old story- now instead with each pound of flesh  that falls from my limbs, i gain an internal strength that could lead a generation of empowered men and women who will change the world for the better! I am on fire and I don’t live in the past any longer- This is my story- this is OUR story! Meant to be so amazing- are you ready!!??!! That is the story of the butterfly!  Bam- drop the mike!

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