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My Year of Magical Thinking: A Story if Two Teams

Even in defeat, there can be victory!

As I watched the finals come down to the last few seconds last night, I thought to myself either way for both of these teams it will be their moment. Clearly, as North Carolina launched a three pointer to tie the game with 4 seconds remaining, I am pretty certain doubt and negativity remained off the court as there was no room for it. Execute, execute, execute! One side defense that would take it into overtime, the other just playing the game they practiced for probably most of their lives.  The passion of this kind of teamwork dancing back and forth like a well choreographed waltz.  And then, as if in slow motion, one passing to the other, the other letting go of the ball as if the basket were an extension of himself. The ball in the air, clock down to zero, and swooosh. He stands there with his arms in the air – grabbing on to this moment of victory alone only for a second before being bombarded by his teammates jumping on him in jubilation.  The other side, who celebrated just moments before, falling to the ground as they watched a championship slip from their fingers.  Just a moment in time-bask in the glory for both, bask in the effort even in defeat!

Now, is where the game of life begins. Now is where you see character come to light. Now is where the true test of a champion plays out. For this, for both teams, is just a moment in time. A blip on the screen.  What they do with this test- challenge really will lead both teams on a path of either suffering or bliss!  Like real life, both can be proud of the glory that comes from putting out your best effort and going the distance.  We, the fans, can be inspired by how true champions on both sides ride off into the sunset. Let’s see where this goes.  A moment in time that can lead us all to a more incredible journey because victory can come from both defeat or the win as long as we hold our heads high proud that we left it all out there- no regrets!  This is not just a game of basketball but a life lesson that will be cherished!

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