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My Healers- my animal guides- my dogs Alfie, Giorgio and Leo!

Healers come in all shapes and sizes.  And the most wonderful cuddly ones are our animal guides! i love my dogs.  They have always watched out for me.  I have always had shetland sheepdogs, I grew up with them.  When I moved to Miami, i traveled with all my worldly possessions, the most important one being my 2 month old sheltie named Alfredo Luigi. I knew no one in Miami, I was embarking on a new journey and a new chapter in my life.  While I was somewhat scared of what it had to offer me, I was not alone, I had Alfie and we were starting out together.  Alfie stayed with me in the good times and the bad.  He gave me unconditional love and only asked for love and food in return.  He loved his food. He was a portly puppy and loved the finer cuisine that his life only offered when he quickly scurried in, grabbed it ,and whisked it away to be enjoyed in a secret hiding place.  I loved Alfie and he stood by my side as I moved from boyfriend to boyfriend, always looking to how they treated me and of course my dog.  And, thank goodness for Alfie because he helped me weed out the bad one until i found my husband- a man who loved Alfie and who Alfie loved.  Amazing, I chose my husband because of how he treated my Alfie. Alfie stood by my side during the sleepless nights of my first pregnancy and watched over my new baby as he made sure that noone would harm him.  And, if my son dropped him some cheerios for payment,I am sure he was happy.

Then there was sweet loving Giorgio.  A companion for all of us, but especially for Alfie.  When I started to work after I finished law school, I added Giorgio to our family as a companion to help him pass his days.  It was the first decision that my husband and I made as a family unit. And what a wonderful decision it turned out to be.  Giorgio is my gentle boy.  He is loving and affectionate and his eyes are kind. He has an amazing spirit and a gift to us all.

When Alfie passed away, we all felt the loss, but it was obvious Giorgio felt it the most. Who said that dogs do not feel?  He would hide out in the closet and sleep a lot, I imagine that grief hit him as he faced this loss as well.  That is when we made the decision to add Leonardo Alfredo to our family.  Oh and what an addition Leo is.  He is my shadow and he certainly helped me get through the days when I could not get myself out of my own closet after my mother passed away. 

We love our dogs. They are members of my family. They are the presence of God in our lives. AS we all know, Dog is God spelled backwards- not a coincidence!!  My animal guides are so important to me. They are my traveling companions, my protectors and my babies.  Love is learned through the eyes of our animals. I am so proud of those who champion the rights of animals.  It is important to me how people treat and care for their animals as that speaks volumes as to the kind of person they are.  They are my animal guides and they are my healers.  So grateful for my dogs in my life!


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