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My Healers #6: Massage Therapy and Magical Maite

Stress! That is a 6 letter ugly word that is a reality for most people.  It seems that “stress” has been worn as a badge of honor in our society because this idea follows- I am stressed, therefore I am.  With stress, we must be working hard and worrying hard.  We see stress as a necessary evil to living the good life.  But in reality, there is nothing “good” about stress.  If you see the fidgety person, drinking coffee, biting their nails and/or smoking a cigarette, they could all be dealing with stress and trying to cope.  When stress gets to an extreme level, our bodies can no longer take it anymore and we hit a critical mass.  Our immune systems are compromised, we may get tension headaches, we may become irritable or we just may get really sick.  So ultimately we can come to the conclusion that to live the REAL good life, we must do things to alleviate stress because stress is not good for us or for our bodies.

Having gotten intense mind blowing headaches, I started to look for ways to relieve the stress in my body so then i was able to start to make the necessary changes to relieve the stress in my life.  While I am a spa girl, i love to go to the spa to relax, unwind, and reconnect with friends.  i would make plans every once in awhile on that special occasion to get together with my girls and go.  it was always a sure bet that i would love a gift if it came to me in the form of a spa certificate and when Miami spa month came around, there was no better excuse to take advantage of the great deals out there.  However, when I was getting these headaches that were affecting my vision, looking for a massage therapist to relieve the pain became more of a necessity just to give me some relief from the pain.  So I went looking at the only place that i have found massage therapist before- the spa!

That is when serendipity brought me Maite.  Magical Maite with her knowledge of how the body and muscles work, her skilled hands and her incredibly loving heart.  What a wonderful find and what a wonderful healer.  She certainly knew the points to press to release the tension in my neck and shoulders where I was holding all the stress.  Magical Maite with her ability to calm the senses with reiki and conversation that brought perspective to life.  Magical Maite who has become one of my healers and more importantly one of my friends.

We have had a massage therapist-client relationship for over 3 years.  And, when my mother became critically ill, she was there for me as a support and a friend.  I find life more amazing when those that serve us become those that heal us because we share our truth together.  While she is healing my body, she is also healing my soul by exploring different ways to look at a situation and also just being present.

When I started to experience tinnitus after my mother passed away, i was bewildered as to how I would approach my condition to find relief.  Because it was caused by stress and anxiety, when the tinnitus became overwhelming because my levels of stress and anxiety were high, it became a vicious cycle as I worried more, became more anxious and stressed more, the ringing got worse. I will never forget a particularly difficult weekend when the tinnitus incapacitated me.  Insomnia would follow and I was not only stressed out but I was exhausted. I remembered calling Maite to beg for her to come to see me to get a massage.  Maite is in hot demand based upon the fact that she is excellent at what she does.  And, understandably she was booked solid. But, knowing the state that I was in, Maite arranged her schedule to make sure that she saw me when i needed her most. What an amazing person!

i have learned so much from Maite, I have seen her step into her dreams, I have seen her take risks and with a courageous spirit make the changes in her life that have brought her greater happiness and i have been blessed with the connection, both spiritual and emotional.  Before my mother passed away, she said to me “Meg be careful, stress will ultimately kill you if you let it.”  With this message, I have learned that while stress may be a part of life, there are tools that I have available to me that can be used to minimize it so that I can live my best life without pain.  Massage therapy is a tool that can be used to relieve the body of tension and ensure that the vessel that we are traveling in runs better.  Ahh the necessary tools of a spiritual being living a physical experience.  I am forever grateful to Magical Maite as she continues to be in my life as a healer and as a friend. We continue to support each other with our challenges, learn together from the knowledge shared and rejoice in our successes along the way! Obviously, there is so much more to a massage than meets the eye.

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