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My Healers #4- Compassionate Medicine and Dr. Heidi Mason

FEAR. FEAR of illness.  FEAR of the unknown. FEAR that what happened to my mother would happen to me.  FACE MY FEARS! I had to face everything in my life that scared me the most. I had to face all the things that allowed the anxiety to take over. I had choices- to face the fear so that I could live my purpose in this life or allow the fear to overtake me and paralyze me.  WOW! It seems like an easy choice, but when you are in the midst of overwhelming FEAR, it is not as simple as it seems, we humans have a way of complicating things.  Now, I had a fear that I needed to face, the fear of death.  I lost my mother and the visual of her last days stayed with me. I always felt safe as long as she was alive praying for me, watching over me, and comforting me.  Now that I witnessed the way she spent her final days and saw how she suffered at the end, my understanding of life, love and compassion changed. My reality grew darker as I slipped in the dark night of the soul.  the best medicine or tools that I found to help me face my fears was to surround myself with people I could trust.  I had to follow my intuition and seek out healers who could allow me to open myself up to life again. 

Since my mother was initially diagnosed in 2008, I limited the information flow of her disease. I did not want to know the details of the illness itself, I just wanted to support my mom with the emotional and spiritual love that I knew I could give her.  When it came down to the last remaining months of her battle, I received more and more information about what cancer can do to the body and it made me feel helpless. I still stood by her side, but felt her spirit slipping away more and more.  Was the cancer winning? Was this what happened? Could anything help at that point?  i started to read books by Dr. Bernie Siegel, author Peace, Love and Healing. i saw how this very dedicated physician helped his patients by using western medicine as well as feeding their spirits.  I saw how powerful the mind was in the process of healing. I also saw the contrast with my mother’s oncologists, where compassion was lacking and the bedside manner was destructive.   When my mother died, I lost faith in western doctors.

So when I needed a primary physician of my own, I was terrified that I would end up with the same kind that took care of my mom.   After my visit to the emergency room in January of 2012, I knew I needed someone closer to home to manage my healthcare so out of sheer desperation I called the only person who came highly recommended to me, Dr. Heidi Mason.

I knew Dr. Mason outside of her profession, I had a lot of hope that she was someone whose bedside manner matched her exceptional skills as a doctor.

When I met with her for the first time, she actually spent time with me.  I felt heard.  Through tears, I explained to her what was going on in my life on a personal as well as physical level.  She gave me her time and she gave me her medical evaluation of my situation. Together, we set out a plan.  She was kind and compassionate and also I felt like I was in good hands as she was very knowledgeable and proactive with my care.  I found an excellent doctor and I was grateful.  Where I was afraid, she validated me.  Where I was exhausted and at the end of my rope, she comforted me.  Where I was wary of doctors who saw me as just a number, she changed my perception.  I am very grateful that now I have somewhere to see someone I can trust if there is a medical issue. I know how important this can be, especially where healthcare is such a hot button issue. With Dr. Mason, I have found an important ally in the healing process, someone who respects my concerns and has helped me to overcome my fears of the unknown by facing them head on.  i am very blessed and grateful that she is in my life!

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