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My Healers #2- Bodytalk and Cecelia


In October of 2011, it was 6 months since my mother passed away and it was 2 months since the tinnitus began.  I had been getting acupuncture treatments consistently with some relief, but getting more and more despondent that I would have to deal with the ringing forever.   As I recalled the initial ENT doctor’s comments suggesting that I should either take anti-depressants or anti-anxiety drugs, I became more and more agitated.  There had to be another solution. There had to be another healing tool.  I needed to keep searching for other avenues to get myself help. As time passed, I missed my mom more and more. It felt so surreal life without her. It felt so empty. My life lost joy and I did not know how to get it back.  I just wanted someone to lay their hands on me and heal me. I wanted to feel healing energy. Where was I going to find it. Ask, believe, receive.  I read that some people who suffered from tinnitus got a lot of relief from a tool called cranio-sacral therapy.  I send  SOS to my friends to see if anyone could recommend someone in Miami and that is how I was lead to Cecelia.  I was given her name and her website,  When I went to look at it I felt like she could really help me. I emailed her to inquire whether she has had experience with patients who had tinnitus, she responded that she did and that she could offer me relief. I made and appointment and went to see her the next Saturday. 

That was when i was introduced for the first time to another healing tool called Bodytalk.  I have included the principles below.  It was another language for me, but I really felt like I could trust Cecelia and I desperately needed more help.  She used Bodytalk, Cranio sacral, acupuncture and herbs to help me.  All forms of healing techniques use laying hands to heal the body.  It was helping me and opened my eyes to so much.  Little by little my tinnitus symptoms decreased and I felt relief.  I would recommend this form of healing to anyone who has an open mind and certainly to anyone who is suffering unnecessarily.  I am forever grateful for the introduction to Cecelia. I have learned a lot about my body through these therapies and have improved greatly.  Mostly, anyone who meets Cecelia knows that she is an energetic healer. She has a very special gift. She is a blessing to many.  She certainly has been a blessing to me as she has introduced me to a incredible way to heal my body and spirit. On my spiritual journey, knowing Cecelia had moved me along my journey in an amazing and exciting way.  The joy has returned and I am happy to report that i am laughing again. The ringing has been reduced greatly to the point that there are somedays that I don’t hear it at all. And, if you suffer from tinnitus, the silence is the biggest blessing of all.

BodyTalk Principles

Innate Wisdom of the Body

BodyTalk is based on the principle that the body is capable of healing itself at all levels – as evidenced by the healing process that is automatically initiated when a person cuts a finger or twists an ankle. This automatic, self-guided healing process is part of the body’s inborn intelligence, or the “innate wisdom” of the body, as we call it in BodyTalk. The innate wisdom guides the overall functioning of the bodymind complex, synchronizes all the activities as well as maintains balance, or homeostasis, within the bodymind complex.

Stress Affects our Health

Stress has a profound effect on the body and its ability to heal and function at an optimal level. When an individual experiences ongoing stress, it can overload the energetic circuits of the body, causing them to fail or be severely compromised. This is just like plugging too many appliances into an outlet and tripping a circuit breaker in your home. You have blown a fuse and must go reset it. Often times the body cannot reset these blown circuits on its own, so the body then must continue to function in a less than ideal state. This ultimately leads to degeneration, illness and pain in the body, a sign that it is simply falling behind in the healing process. Stress-related illnesses include, but are not limited to: high blood pressure and heart rate, digestive disorders, hormone and endocrine imbalances, fatigue, infertility issues and all manner of immune system disorders.

Energetic Circuits and Communication

Every single cell, atom, and system is in constant communication with every other cell, atom and system within the bodymind complex at all times. This includes communication through the nervous system, as well as the other subtle energy circuits of the body – such as the meridians and the electromagnetic frequencies that are produced by the body through its functioning. Stress we experience in our daily life can cause these circuits to become compromised, weakening or disrupting the communication between the cells and systems.

BodyTalk helps to re-establish these energetic circuits and efficient communication in a quick and effective way, which then allows the body to very quickly recover and catch up in the healing process. This is witnessed in how quickly symptoms disappear and function returns, often within just one or two BodyTalk sessions.

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