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Meg’s Magical Mantra: I don’t need to be more than I am; I just need to find ways to tap

“The secret of achievement is to hold a picture of a successful outcome in mind.” Henry David Thoreau

For years now, I have been the biggest advocate of visualization as a major key or tool in manifesting the life I want. I saw a movie at the Smithsonian’s Albert Einstein Planetarium called The Dark Universe by Neil Tyson Degrasse (I love him!!!). The more I learn, the more material I have to use! What a visual! As the vast beauty of the heavenly bodies surrounded me in that little theater, I had two takeaways- it didn’t take much to convince me that so much that happened around me was out of my immediate control. The universe continues to do its thing with or without me believing it. The second takeaway – at the same time, each one of us is a part of that miraculous, beautiful universe, and we get to choose how we use the energy (yes, energy) of who we are every day of our lives!

Although we are all just tiny specks in the grand show, we are still a part of the grand show! We are enough where we stand – it’s time to get in touch with what pulls at your spirit, soul, and energy and expand it in a way that complements the incredible. That’s where meditation, visualization, and gratitude rule the day. Because in those moments, that is where you align with the universe to achieve and do your part in a way that enlivens all of who you are. Therein lies your personal success that is clearly not governed by the dictates of another’s life journey but your own. In light of this, why wouldn’t I find ways to hold a picture of a positive outcome in mind. Happy blissful, successful manifesting today and always!

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