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Meg’s January Book Club: Featuring Indie Authors Valerie Taylor and Julie Ryan McGue

BOOK CLUB- January Picks

Meg’s Book Club introduces up and coming debut authors – one of my favorite things! For January introducing Valerie Taylor and Julie Ryan McGue!

What’s Not Said

Valerie Taylor

Author of What’s Not Said, published by She Writes Press in September 2020; and the forthcoming sequel, What’s Not True, to be released August 2021.

What’s Not Said Set in Boston, What’s Not Said tells the story of Kassie, a middle-aged woman finally ready and willing to divorce her emotionally abusive husband of thirty years and move in with a younger man she met on a solo trip to Venice. Just as she’s about to break the news, she discovers her husband has a life threatening illness. Conflicted by her vows and a deep desire to start a new life, she’s forced to decide whose life to save—her husband’s or her own?

Inspiration This story, and the series, was inspired by the more than 75 million mature women in the U.S. alone who are looking for entertaining stories with relatable characters. Ask yourself, wouldn’t the movie Something’s Gotta Give have been more fun if Diane Keaton rode off with Keanu Reeve instead of Jack Nicholson?

Other Details What’s Not Said is available at your favorite online bookseller or independent bookstore. It’s also being discovered on shelves at libraries around the globe. I’d be grateful if you’d ask your local library to add it to theirs.

I’ve challenged myself to meet virtually with 21 book clubs by the end of 2021. Those I’ve met with so far are having a robust and fun discussion. Please email me at: to schedule a date convenient for your group.

Contact Valerie You can follow me on my website ( and sign up for a newsletter I’ll be launching in 2021. And, of course, on social media at; Twitter @valerieemtaylor, and on Instagram at ValerieETaylor.

Twice a Daughter: A Search for Identity, Family and Belonging

Julie Ryan McGue, Author

Twice a Daughter: A Search for Identity, Family and Belonging Julie is adopted. She is also a twin. Because their adoption was closed, she and her sister lack both a health history and their birth parents’ names—which becomes an issue for Julie when, at forty-eight years old, she finds herself facing several serious health issues.

To launch the probe into her closed adoption, Julie first needs the support of her sister. The twins talk things over and make a pact: Julie will approach their adoptive parents for the adoption paperwork and investigate search options, and the sisters will split the costs involved in locating their birth relatives. But their adoptive parents aren’t happy that their daughters want to locate their birth parents—and that is only the first of many obstacles Julie will come up against as she digs into her background.


Julie’s search for her birth relatives spans five full years and involves a search agency, a PI, a confidential intermediary, a judge, an adoption agency, a social worker, and a genealogist. By journey’s end, what began as a simple desire for a family medical history has evolved into a complicated quest—one that unearths secrets, lies, and family members that are literally right next door.

Order Details PUB DATE: May 11, 2021 To get a sneak peek at Julie’s memoir, you can sign up to receive Chapter One at Twice a Daughter is available for pre-order now at or wherever books are sold.

Contact Julie You can follow Julie at: Twitter: @juliermcgue Instagram: @juliemcgue


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