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May brings the beauty of new flowers to behold!

Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!’Robin Williams

In January, the seeds are planted as we set out resolutions and goals for the new year. In February, we start the process of investigation to find ways to make those dreams become a reality by finding the best soil to protect them from the harsh reality of life. In March, we start to see the transformation and new birth of those dreams come to light and we renew our hope of incredible possibilities. In April, with a renewed determination we withstand the showers and use it as the essential ingredient needed to nurture the land to allow the seeds planted previously to grow even more.  And, in May we start to see the proverbial fruit of our labors.  Tomorrow starts a new day where we get to see the flowers of our life’s efforts blossom into beautiful pieces of natural art.  This is exciting and this is the attitude that I will carry into the next month.  A month filled with everything that my imagination allows. Happy May my friends! I will wake to the appreciation of everything that will unfold before me! Let’s party!


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