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Magical mirror of life!

Meg’s mantra: loving myself fully is a part of loving God ! To really see my soul, I look into the mirror of life and soften at what is reflected back to me. Each exchange, a hug, a kindness, a smile, affirms a shared beauty – intermingling of incredible exchanges of thoughts through actions or words that confirm my beautiful vision of this world. And this can happen when I choose to think in a way that is worthy of me- worthy of God or your highest power. By impressing beautiful thoughts upon the substance all around you that make up this universe- I create what I choose to focus on- blessings really. My own personal magic and miracles. My own something wonderful. That is why loving myself is a part of God’s grand design- BC you can only receive what you believe about yourself- what you are worthy of. And if it is love, abundance, peace that you want, it all begins with me and you!

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