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Look forward, therein lies a brilliant destiny!

“Don’t look back. Something might be gaining on you.” Satchel Paige

If you want to move forward in life, it is futile to dwell on the past.  It does you no good to continue to judge yourself over and over again for past mistakes that you have made. It is a waste of present opportunities to beat yourself up over missteps along the way.  It does you no good to continue to be stuck in what you believed were the glory days of your youth.  The past is done. It is the present that is bursting with potential.  Trust that you have built the perfect foundation for whatever the future holds. Trust that you have faithfully worked with dedication to go in the right direction for you.  Trust and believe that with a steadfast heart you will be a success no matter what you choose.  Give love to your dreams, give love to yourself and go forth.   Learn from your past but do yourself the favor not to get stuck there.  What is done is done-put one foot in front of the other and don’t keep looking back, for if you do, you could lose the forward momentum necessary to realize your life’s dreams.  and on your way, always be prepared to help others too.  If your talents cheer up humanity, do that. If your talents bring more wisdom and insight to this world, do that. If you have the talent to heal others with your words or your hands, then do that.  If your talents offer a new perspective that challenges others to think outside of their small, little universe, then do that. There is power in service that helps you to go confidently into a big, bold, beautiful future. What “is” will happen with you being conscious or not.  Wake up or you may miss it.  Don’t look back.  Life is filled with different stages, each one offering you the opportunity to play a different part to further develop the amazing human being that you are.  Don’t look back.  Believe that every present and future positive action will in one way or another assist those that you connect with to discover their own beauty within. Whatever you do, don’t look back, you might lose your direction, you might lose your way, you might lose quality time that is better spent on something wonderful, and you might lose your momentum.   With added effect,  the image formed by the words of a famous baseball player flying towards home plate for the winning run “don’t look back, something might be gaining on you.”  Look forward, the sun that rises over your present and future is so much brighter than the sunset on what is finished in your past. Keep shining and imitate the same light that rises with the hope that accompanies the brilliance of a beautiful future.  And know, therein lies your destiny to come!

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