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Living the moment!

Living the Moment!

“Happiness, not in another place but this place…not for another hour, but this hour.” Walt Whitman

We are all seekers. But while we occupy our day seeking something that will make our lives better, something that will bring more knowledge or wisdom, or something that will make us ultimately happier, we miss life as it is happening in the present.  While multi-tasking can be admirable as it allows us to experience more, manage more, or ensure that needs are cared for, it takes away at times our ability to actually live in the moment.  Take a moment right now and take a deep breath. Appreciate that happiness is where you stand, sit or lay.  Right there, right now, happiness is yours to experience.  Don’t miss it.  The secret of success in life is learning to transform unsuccessful experiences from stumbling blocks to stepping stones.  Each of these obstacles can be where happiness resides.  Each of these obstacles can be a lesson to experience greater fulfillment in the here and now.  While we may wish away “now” because we may be going through challenging experiences and it may be too difficult to fully face, we can turn adversity into advantage where we change to a positive perspective, reflect, and persevere.  And even as seekers, we can stop ourselves and recognize that when we do, this shift can happen in a moment’s time. Living moment by moment has all of us appreciating the little synchronicities that bring happiness to light in all of our lives.  My wish for all of you today is that you stop and smell the roses in the bouquet that is your life no matter what. My wish for all of you today is that pay attention to the hours that you are living as you will never be able to get this time back again.  And, my wish for you today is that you really and truly enjoy living in life’s moments because it is there that you have a chance to really ensure a beautiful legacy and in return knowing this, you will be happier wherever you presently are!

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