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Living a more balanced life!

Balance. That has been my word for 2015. The year of the perfect 8- 2+0+1+5. Figuring out how to achieve this state has been my challenge. It’s almost July and it’s time to recap how far I have come in this regard. Simplify. While not close to perfect in any respect, I have simplified my life. It is more apparent in the last few weeks because I finished the draft of The Magical Guide to Bliss and sent it out to be published. I think the lesson learned is that when you have a lot of responsibilities tugging at you, you have to make your dreams a priority. And to accomplish those dreams you may have to be a little selfish and you go out of balance to get it done! Oh and get a shredder – I am ready to decluttering to simplify my life, workplace and home. Superperson. She’s retired for the sake of sanity. Cannot be everything to everyone and function. So that joint that was out of alignment, I went for physical therapy to get balance. Exercise routines not consistent with a well thought out plan, see what works and what I enjoy and at the least get moving when I can. Nutritional plan – drink a little more water- gotten of soda- taking my vitamins and the rest to tweak the foods I like and that are good for me! Clarity of mind. Sought out help to change behavior and yoga practice helps. Awesome that my office has a class at lunch on Tuesdays:) Set boundaries. Make sure fun is a part of the equation with your kids- significant other- and time with friends (I am working on that!)Keep worry, fear and anxiety at bay. Repeat my mantras – meditation in moment- write it out. Acupuncture relaxes me but in balance and moderation. No crazy running all over the place. Take it slower and enjoy. Repeat I am well. I am well. I am well. Breath is so important to balance. Do what you can to remember to breathe intentionally. Sleep – so need more of this – but I believe good rest and sleep is an important habit as well. As important as everything listed above – working on it! (While writing this – I have been up since almost 4am with about 6 hrs sleep under my belt- eyes getting heavy – thinking I know – I know! )Give more love as well as receive it! Trust God will continue to hold me and move forward with faith. All is well. All is well. All is well. And I still have 6 more months to achieve balance for me:) So where has my mission to find balance given me so far? I still cry when I feel intensely, it just does not overwhelm my days. I still take on too much sometimes, but I am learning to say no a lot easier. I still feel anger, but I am learning to communicate better. I still feel fear, but I am turning off the triggers that push me over the edge. I still get excited and I use that energy to keep me on the path towards bliss. I am learning acceptance of change and balance is helping me to ride the wave with a smile on my face. Oh and I got a pair of very chic glasses so I can see the works through clear lenses of love!

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