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Live life to the fullest- “Vivere La vita al massimo”!

“To live, to err, to fall, to triumph, to re-create life out of life!”

James Joyce, From a Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man

There are those stories of triumph over tribulations that are known to inspire the masses. There are those events where the power of the human spirit to rise above challenges are showcased to move both present and future generations forward.  there are those great human examples of our time that lead us to believe that as long as we breath another day, there is an opportunity to really see what beauty life has in store for all of us.  So much hope, so much possibility, and so much potential. And as we study human existence over time, the secret to keeping hope through it all is discovered, start today and make the decision to live life to the fullest in every given moment no matter what appears on your path. Life is truly a gift that God gives us everyday we open our eyes that begs to be appreciated.  It is a gift that is presented to us whether gift wrapped or not, to do with what we can.  And as long as we all do our best in the endeavor of living, even if we fall or err, we will persevere when we set our minds to and even triumph as our own spirit soars in any given moment. There are moments where routine takes over and we are numb to the experience. And then, there are moments when awe of the miracles that are right before us shakes us to the core. It is in the shift of consciousness where the passion takes over and the magic that is life itself materializes.  And until our last day on this earth, we will have numerous chances to take our script and rewrite, recreate, and re-innovate using what we have learned and infuse it with a prayer to make it that much better. It is time for the shift and it is time to believe it is more fascinating as follows “Vivere la vita massimo! It just sounds and feels so good!


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