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Let your legacy be love!

Meg’ mantra: Let your legacy be love! So many things happened in my life this week. Through the tears of both happiness and sorrow, I cried to release both the sadness and joy of living. Both, because like the light and darkness, night and day, yin and yang, we are not complete without both. Like going to church, we go to life each day giving praise to the glory of God through our actions, through our connections and through love. It does hurt sometime, but it feels joyous as well. So today as you set out making your life the best possible, let your faith in this world come through your actions and be mindful of the legacy you leave. For each day, let it be known, you are leaving a legacy to be remembered by each soul (in nature, animal or human) that will either cause more pain or leave more love in its wake. I am conscious to this and I know that I am a chaser of rainbows, I am a believer in unicorns, and I know that dreams of a better earth are more than possible for God works in mysterious ways! And somewhere over that rainbow, is a world that the Divine intended that is filled with the grace and peace that is a legacy of love!

Amen and alleluia, with Glenda McGregor Barrios!

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