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Let your inner child see the light of day

“I’m happy to report that my inner child is still ageless.”

James Broughton

You may worry about time passing and losing your youth and vigor.  You may lose hope that change is even possible for you at this late stage of life.  You may even think that the door to opportunity to do something amazing has closed. With a small shift, you can return to a time where magic and flights of fancy were common place.  And what a delight for all the senses, what a rejuvenating experience this would be.  As if you spend your entire life looking for the fountain of youth, only to discover that it has been within you all along.  As the poet James Broughton reminds us, “Despite what I might hear to the contrary the world is not a miserable prison, it was a playground for nonstop tournament between stupidity and imagination.  If followed the game sharply enough, I could be a useful spokesman for Big Joy.”  So if it is Big Joy that you seek, join the tournament and get into the game.  Remember that age should never limit your potential to continue as a seeker and follow your heart in the direction it leads.  For it is a truth that your inner child is still ageless, sometimes you need to let that inner child out of your self-imposed prison so you can benefit from the beauty that has been there all along.  Do not let age stop you in following your passion in life, start looking around you with the bright eyes of a child and see all the opportunity that is there for you.

Magical Key to Bliss: Start to enjoy the playground of life.

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