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Let your focus be joy!

“Find a place inside where there’s joy, and the joy will burn out the pain.”

Joseph Campbell

All your life you are encouraged to focus, focus, focus.  As children, your teachers taught you to focus on the lessons of the day, your parents taught you to develop skills through focus, and your friends demanded your focused attention when you hung out together. As an adult, you get to choose what you focus on. No one will dictate this if you do not allow it.  While you have so many more responsibilities pulling you in many directions, you are the navigator of your ship. You can sail through your days placing your focus on the joys of life or the pain. Ultimately, it is your choice. Take a moment and evaluate.  Focus on how you feel about certain areas of your life and make a concerted effort to shift to the good if there are places for a most positive energy flow.  Focus on what tools are available to you and use them to guide you on your path. Focus on teaching yourself the habit of uplifting thought processes and they will become your default mode.  You are the captain of your journey, you are the master of your destiny. When you choose to focus and travel to the places of joy in your world, you take a small vacation from the stress, anxiety and pain. And the once tumultuous sea will be calm once more.

Magical Key to Bliss: Make a 21 day commitment to thinking about something that gives you joy each day.

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