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Let’s make this an amazing once around!

Let’s make this an amazing once around!

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”

Mae West, Actor

No one has to give you the permission to follow your bliss in life.  Even when you feel like you are in a cage, stuck in a routine, you really are not.  There are things you can do to make changes and shift your perspective.  Simply stop facing the bars and turn around and see the door wide open.  You can either create a positive perspective or a negative one.  It all depends on how you process your world.  Keep reminding yourself and say “I create the world that I live in.”

With that in mind, if your life is super busy and you are yearning for some calm and peace, perhaps you may need to take a moment out of your busy day and sit in meditation or prayer, take a walk and spend some time in nature, turn off the television or just allow yourself to be.  If you need a vacation to reconnect with your soul mates, friends or significant other, make the time to plan and set up a weekend trip to somewhere you have always wanted to go or just take time to reconnect.  If you need to decrease your stress levels, set up a time to exercise and get the good endorphins pumping.  If you want to step out of your comfort zone and broaden your horizons, set some goals that you can strive for, like plan to run a marathon or even a 5K.  Also, service projects are a great way to get involved in your community and meet new people who are interested in similar things. Take a moment and write out a dream list- big ones and small ones. Then, get excited about checking each one off.  It could take days, months or years, but the focus will give you a much needed kick if you feel stuck.  Most of all, remember to be kind and love your wonderful self.  When it comes down to it, taking care of you is the best investment.  Remember, you only live once, so make the choice to really enjoy your life because when you march to your own beat that once around will be enough!  

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