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Lead with your own creative language and others will be grateful for the inspiration!

Lead with your own creative language and others will be grateful for the inspiration!

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”

Sometimes I think that what we do for a living is just the back drop to our real work or purpose in life, to teach, to inspire and to lead others  in our own way wherever we are.  I think that there are many different ways that we can all accomplish this.  Ever think about what language you use to inspire others?  Some of us use color, we spread their creative dreams through the majesty of their art by engaging our eyes.  Some of us use words, we wake up the soul with a palate of different elements of style and language that can burst from an imagination onto a page by engaging the mind.  Some of us use music, we bring joy to our world by playing with sound by engaging the ears and stirring the spirit.  Some of us use dance, we move and flow with the beat only nature can provide to show the beauty of our inner expression of love by engaging the body.  Still others use the spoken word, we can inspire or sooth another by virtue of intonation or song by engaging the voice to produce sounds to calm or activate.  And, finally some of us use touch, we can bring a sense of peace to this world by engaging the connections that nurture.  Whatever is your preferred language, the bottom line is that we all have something to teach the world and in turn to inspire another.  When we tap into our passion and act to use our gifts to bring something beautiful to this world, then we just might spark that creative energy in another person.  There is no limit to the boundless and limitless potential that can be ignited by others witnessing the creativity and passion that comes from our center when we are doing something that we really love.  More importantly, when we engage in a labor of love expressed through color, words, music, dance, song, or touch, it is like a well-produced play that comes to life right before our eyes as each of us steps into the role that they were always meant to play.  How wonderful it is to have passion, think big, dream, climb high, be and take chances.  How even more wonderful to embrace this in your life and inspire and lead others to do the same.  My heart grows when I accomplish something in my life that makes me proud.  My heart grows even bigger when I get to witness others accomplish something that they previously did not believe to be possible.  To have touched another person’s life and ignited their passion within because I was not afraid to be honest with my creative self, I believe this to be the greatest connection one could ever be a part of as it is truly the greatest expression of love.  So be true to your language of love to inspire another, teach the way you know how, you will have left your beautiful mark on this world and we shall all be grateful for it!    

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