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Keep your eyes facing the rising sun!

Each decade marks an evolution in a life. And with the passing of each one, you have the opportunity to grow further.   As you assess the lessons that have come your way, you are able to revisit your dreams, perhaps let go of those you have outgrown and embrace new ones that will allow you to shine your gifts for all to see.  While you travel the path that is your journey, you may grow weary or become stuck because you have experienced regret or made some significant mistakes along the way. But be sure, if you don’t keep your eyes facing the rising sun with each new morning because you choose to focus on what you have done wrong not what you can learn from it, then you miss the point of this adventure.  The point is to live this life, with all the ups and downs.  The point is to seek the knowledge that comes from living. The point is to wake each day, forgive yourself for the err of your ways and set another goal perhaps to do better the next time around and see the beauty that surrounds you.  So when you let the sun set on your past and dream well of a present that you can get excited about, then you give yourself the permission to let go of the pain and embrace the joy of possibility that IS there.  Remember you can’t move forward towards your dreams and towards the life that is yours if your head and your eyes will not let go of what has happened.  Each day is a chance to consciously make the decision to step into the glory that is to come and as long as you are alive you are never too old to do so! Allow your spirit to rise with the hope of a new dawn and get enthusiastic about it because this is your chance to do so!

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