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Keep on shining like a star!

“Keep on shining like a star. May you always laugh and dance and sing.  May your light, light the way for another. May you stay true to the inner flame that makes your heart yours. . . and makes you who you are (a pretty amazing and incredible person).”

Ashley Rice

Life plays funny tricks on us. We start with the highest expectations and hope for the most amazing things to occur just because we want them badly. We work hard in our endeavors and put in the time that is needed to progress on the path that we decide is to be our destiny.  We do what we believe is needed to nurture what we are passionate about.  We put our faith behind the task so that we will attract success and bask in the beauty of our accomplishments. And, we move forward each and every day shining like the star we are and the star we know that we are becoming.   We align with that inner flame that is within us and makes us who we are.  So why then is our life not unfolding as we have planned?  We may become despondent as the things we want most in life remain outside our grasp.  For we are driven, we are disciplined, and we are focused. How could the positive outcome we are waiting for not be ours?  But, then again whose to say that the dream is not unfolding perfectly before us? Whose to say that it is not already coming into existence just because we cannot see?  Stop and think.  We can let disappointment do us in when we do not know yet the greater plan unraveling that will bring joy and a beauty that is beyond anything we have ever even imagined.  The choice is ours really. In the face of what we may perceive as adversity, we can continue to keep shining like a star by laughing, dancing and singing with the knowledge that what we see as a setback may just be an opportunity in disguise.  A lesson that will allow us to fine tune the direction in which we are traveling.  What happens around us cannot change us unless we let it.  That is our spirit that will remain strong.  We will remain the remarkable person that we are with the belief that the will of God will never take you where the grace of God cannot keep us! We are all just evolving perfectly in our humanness.  With tears of joy or tears of sadness, we celebrate the opportunity to be alive.  And through our example as to how we relate to the events that unfold in our lives, our inner light continues to shine brightly for others inspiring growth, hope and love.  So when we are tricked by life into believing the illusion that a dream is no longer possible for us, remember that we think is possible may be too small in comparison to the amazing experience the future can bring.  We must focus our light on all that is good and believe that we have a purpose as we continue to move forward.   Then, stand back and prepare to be amazed by a life that goes beyond all our wildest expectations.  If we give up too soon, we will never know that beauty in store.  With love and compassion for our perceived hardships, we will choose to move on after we mourn what we think is lost excited for the brightness that lies before us leading others to do the same!

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