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Keep an open mind to the brilliance of others!

“It’s one thing to feel that you are on the right path, but it’s another to think yours is the only path.” Paulo Coelho, By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept

The universe is a great beautiful part of all of our lives. It allows us to be in its world, to discover amazing things along the way, and to open and expand our minds through many encounters with the spiritual, intellectual, relational, physical, and financial.  Our souls arrive in this world in a unique and special physical body that is perfect for us and will allow us to walk the exact path for us as it unfolds before our eyes.  When we are introduced to this world, we are small, needy and naked. We are armed with an incredible spirit that begs those who are responsible to us to love and nurture us for the time we are together.  We start in this world with no masks, nothing to hide behind, and everything to learn.  As we grow, we make very individualized choices as to the direction we take, only exposed to a handful of other seekers as well.  As we mature and become more enlightened, we are able to make even better choices as to our forward movement. Even if the path we choose for our lives to learn is right for us, we need to remember that that path is not the only way to truth.  That is the beauty of the universe.  There are so many of us born into this experience.  There are as many ways to become enlightened as there are so many unique and special souls looking who seek.  Ours is not to judge the path of another, ours is only to be grateful for the one we are on and learn as much as we can from those experiences we encounter day to day.  By keeping an open mind to all the possibilities the universe has to offer, we are free to truly embrace love however it appears and surrender to the synchronicity as it presents itself.  Let us strive not to be close minded people who never flourish for their fears keep them from experiencing what lies outside their own imposed circle.  Let us strive to embrace the gift that is our path and keep an open mind to the diversity that lies before us.  For we are blessed with a world whose fabric is made up of so many beautiful colors that enhance and make the journey more amazing! Who knows, maybe someone else’s path offers something for your life that will make it even more brilliant! Keep an open mind to the brilliance of your path and to the brilliance of the path of others as well! With that the universe will show us that there is so much to learn in this life!

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