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In June, the Magical Guide to Bliss invites you to embrace joy. Joy is at the core of who you are and the primary contributor to a peaceful state of mind. True joy is not based on anything external to yourself. True joy comes from your very nature. It is at the very heart of you and all that you do. Now that you have spent time in May to awaken your gifts and talents, it is time to understand fully that the foundation of your creative expression comes from tapping into its joyful source. As you peel back the layers that have threatened to hide your true essence, you will begin to embrace your joy at its source and your spirit will freely shine through.

At the start of June, as you prepare for the end of spring and the beginning of summer, the great outdoors call to you. You can venture out both physically and spiritually. You can take advantage of the many new opportunities to change your routine and begin to explore your world in a different way. The school year is over, summer vacations are planned, the beach or mountains beckon to you as you set your sights on slowing down a bit as it gets a little hotter. You can appreciate being with others as the days are a little longer. The year is half way over and you have come so far. Look back and congratulate on your accomplishments for now it is time to truly surrender to fun and excitement that rises from your inner state of joy within. Are you ready to embrace your bliss? If so, away you go!

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