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With July, right around the corner, here is some guidance to help you focus your intentions for the next month!

July is the month you celebrate your freedom.  This is the month that you get to liberate yourself from the prison of a negative state of mind and surrender to the pursuit of what gives you utter and complete bliss. It is time to break out of routines that no longer serve your spirit. It is time to plug into your calling and go for it.  And, it is time to claim your what is yours and release everything else you think is holding you down.

While many countries celebrate their Independence Day in July, you, too, should consider your own personal independence each day this month. If you feel as though you are not free, instead of lamenting the ways you feel constricted or confined, assess the impediments to your independence and devise a plan for addressing and overcoming them. Perhaps it is a physical, mental, social, or financial restriction that causes you to feel tied down or constrained. Whatever it is, have faith that you can transcend it. It might take some effort, diligence, and willpower to make freedom a reality in your life, but trust in the process. As you continue on the journey and embark on the second half of the year, choose to wake up to this beautiful life and embrace the fabulous freedom to leave the suffering of an unconscious existence behind!

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