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It is not in the stars, but within you!

“It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.”

Have you really looked at a rose? Have you really seen its beauty? Then again, have you really looked at yourself and really seen yours? Each part of the rose, each petal working in concert, making up this glorious masterpiece in nature from the inside out.  Every part of who you are, your mind, body and spirit, working together from the inside out making up a beauty to behold.  Each one of you, as if you were blessed by the hand of God to become all that is miraculous bursting from within. And, if you don’t yet see, perhaps the time is now to begin. In the universe, there is a great plan. There is an infinite wisdom that permeates your life that empowers you to take hold of your destiny, your own personal legend.  As you would honor the beauty of a rose, once you start to appreciate and honor your own, free from judgment from another, you will be free to become a great admirer of the artistic creation that is within you and surrounds you on a daily basis.  I can assure you that once you change your perspective and own the beauty that is you, then your destiny is no longer controlled by the stars, but becomes a dance between you and your Creator. Let the music play and be inspired by what you experience each day!

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